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I've been thinking a lot lately about why I don't just DO THE THING. I was at my friend’s apartment, relaxing and catching up as you do, and I leaned into a standing forward fold. It was in this upside down moment that I had a right-side up lightbulb go off in my head. Do the thing. Just do the thing Cass.

I’ve been thinking for months now that I want to develop and work on my home yoga practice. To allow myself to tune into the natural rhythm of my own body. Simple as that. Just do a little yoga at home. But it stops there. As a thought, as an idea, an idea with good intentions but an idea nonetheless. With no action behind it. And they say that we judge ourselves on our intentions and others on their actions. So I get stuck in this world of ideas, with little action behind them. And the longer I wait to begin, the further away it feels and the inertia is in the non-action, so I remain there.

I have apartment with inspiring spaces, I have a yoga mat that I’m connected with and I have the added tools for the ambiance – candles, incense, plants, music. So it doesn’t have to do with the tools, because I have the physical things I need to do the thing, yet I just don’t do it. It’s the same thing sometimes with doing the dishes, or putting my clothes away right away, or the fact that I love reading and have all of these inspiring books that I have already purchased, yet I don’t read them. Great ideas of things that I know will make me feel productive and organized and on top of things, yet no action.

So, I’ve decided to change my story.


I’ve decided to flip my script in order to provide a little more insight into why it is that sometimes we don’t do the things that we know will make us feel good, in some way. I’m moving from the story, “I don’t have the time” to the story, “it’s not a priority” and am allowing this to add a little fire, a little motivation, a little clarity around some of these subjects. And I’m taking a look at some areas in my life that are habitual. The parts of my life that have become routine, and as the seasons change, so does my lens for my life. Tonight, I am making the time to do a little time for my at-home yoga practice. And tonight, I’m making a list of the other things that I want to do but just don’t make the time. And tonight, I’m doing things.

I would like to invite you to do the same:

  1. Think of something that you desire, something that you want, but have been putting it off – What is it? Write it down. 

  2. Put words to why you have been putting it off – What is your story behind not harnessing action around this?

  3. Find one thing you need to clear up in order to allow for this idea to become an action – Write it down & visualize yourself doing the thing you desire or having the thing you desire.

  4. Begin! And take it one day at a time.


Here’s to living in the possibility that we have all the time in the world to do the things we want to do. Let’s revel in that and allow ourselves to just do the thing. The small little things that bring us to the arrival point of the bigger things. And here’s to feeling the shifts in our lives as we step back into choice. Step back into choice of our time. Here’s to feeling like you are taking ownership of your life and the way you want to fill your time. Here’s to doing the things.

Much Love, 


Cass O'Neil




She bops, she grooves, she slides, she baps through life. She is tuned in. Yes, she was probably born with this--after all rhythm is not taught—but she has certainly sharpened her soul through her recent world wanderings, life experiences and saying yes to life. Cass believes that we are all on this earth to love & connect & share in all of the expressions of life. 

A new yoga instructor who is hooked on all things that light her soul on fire - movement, writing, & sharing and speaking truth. She wants to connect and share with all walks of life over what lights them up and makes them feel alive. She is a chaser of the light, believe of the magic and lover of vulnerability. 

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