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Eat Local with Steel Wheel Farm

© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

At the grocery store you can find fruits and veggies from literally all over the globe that have somehow made it to your produce section. It seems great, that we can have all the variety we want at anytime during the year, right?  But sourcing produce from all over does have its drawbacks, and eating fruits and veggies grown locally has loads of benefits. 

Local foods are fresher and taste better. Fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients as soon as they are picked, so buying local produce cuts down travel time. Not only will the food taste better, but less travel time means less packaging, shipping and transportation and is much gentler on the environment.  Buying local makes us eat with the seasons meaning we eat only what is naturally growing at that time. Eating seasonally results in the most delicious and nutrient-dense produce so you get way more bang for your buck!

One awesome way to eat locally is to get involved in a CSA which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture is a program that allows people to purchase local, seasonal food straight from the farmer.  

I get my fruits and veggies from an amazing CSA in Fall City, WA called Steel Wheel Farm and the farmers Kim and Ryan are here to tell you more about it.  I seriously look forward to my veggie box every week and get so excited to see what beauties these guys included. It's expanded my veggie horizons in a way I never thought possible!


© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

Hello! We are Steel Wheel Farm, a husband and wife farming duo who are hard at work cultivating the flood plain in Fall City, WA.

Although we each have different paths which propelled us into the agriculture landscape, our love of fragrant, beautiful, nutrient-dense food is identical. For Ryan, farming has been as much of a love story as it has been career path. From the moment he met his first Tractor, “Olive,” he was drawn to the soil and all that he can grow from it. For Kim, a picky eater most of her life, farming was revolutionary. Instead of hiding veggies under napkins, she now craves the first zucchini and roasting mounds of Brussel sprouts.

More than anything we both believe that quality food begins at the source—with the farmer. That is why it is our mission to produce the highest-quality and environmentally-friendly food we can muster, so that others who don’t farm can indulge, enjoy and appreciate the land and its bounty as much as we do.


© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

Our favorite crop last season: Black Krim Heirloom Tomatoes

Start spring veggie/CSA season off with this recipe: Ginger Sesame Choi

Use up the last of your winter root crops with this recipe: Roasted Cardamom Roots

Looking forward to: Magic Garlic (a new crop for this year!) and yellow watermelons


Why join a CSA?
All of our members enjoy:
1. 20+ weeks of healthy, local, fresh, seasonal produce
2. Hand-grown, chemical-free food
3. Supporting the local economy and hard-working farmers
4. Farm updates, newsletters and recipes
5. Weekly , bi-weekly deliveries
6. Cooking and eating your favorite produce, as well as exploring new foods
7. Knowing where your food comes from and the farmers!


Sign up for our 2017 CSA: Here! Summer session begins Tue, June 6

© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm

© 2017 Steel Wheel Farm




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