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Greens & Avocado Smoothie

So I just got back from spending two glorious weeks traveling around the Philippines and the first thing I wanted (besides a shower) was this green smoothie.  I dove right in and ate amazing Filipino food while I was there (think garlic fried rice, chicken adobo, lumpia, fresh grilled fish).  But eating well while traveling and being in transit is tough! So after my fifth airplane meal and bag of mystery Filipino shrimp chips, all I wanted was something green and refreshing. 

So here it is in case you need something like this in your life too!


Greens & Avocado Smoothie



1 handful spinach

1/2 avocado

Generous squeeze of lemon juice

1-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled

1/2 cup apple juice (I like this brand) 

Ice cubes and water



Add all ingredients together and blend. Add in ice and water to desired consistency. Top with granola or nuts for breakfast!


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With Love, 

Christina Tidwell, MN, RN, CHC