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The Live Well Podcast | Episode 5 - Emily V Gordon on Managing her Chronic Autoimmune Disease

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I'm excited to announce that I've recently started a podcast! The Live Well Podcast is dedicated to helping those with autoimmune disease get control of their health through diet, lifestyle shifts and personal empowerment.

Today I'd like to share my most recent episode where I chat with Emily V Gordon, co-author of the movie The Big Sick. In this episode Emily opens up about her life with chronic autoimmune disease, how her husband Kumail Nanjiani supports her, and her views on health as a basic human right. 

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 1:50 Introducing Emily V Gordon

  • 2:30 What happened after Emily was out of her coma and discharged from the hospital

    • “It was  little less cinematic”

    • The range of emotions that chronic disease brings

  • 3:53 How Emily felt physically

    • Joint pain

    • Muscle weakness

    • Fatigue

  • 4:40 Not getting the right care from her team at the right time

  • 5:30 Additional Common variable immune deficiency (CVID) diagnosis along with Still’s Disease

  • 7:50 What are the things that have been the most helpful for you in trying to get to the root cause of disease?

    • Found a new doctor who had a better therapeutic relationship

    • IVIG antibody treatment

    • Self-advocacy

  • 10:40 How Emily balances a high-profile career and managing her autoimmune disease

  • 15:45 Guilt about not being able to have the energy to do certain things

  • 19:10 How her husband Kumail Nanjiani supports her

    • His first reaction was guilt for not noticing

    • His role as a fierce protector in ways that were “beautiful and way too much”

  • 21:50 How chronic illness affects those around us

  • 24:00 How our parents dealt with a child with chronic autoimmune disease

  • 26:30 Emily speaks about writing the Apple series Little America and delves into the fundamental pillars of health and wellbeing

    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

    • Barriers to getting healthcare

    • How poverty and oppression affect our health

  • 35:45 Emily’s advice on how to move forward with managing your chronic illness

  • 37:50 Outro

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Christina Tidwell, MN, RN, CHC