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Peach Rosemary Drinking Vinegar Recipe

I tried my hand at making drinking vinegar last week and it was ahhhhmazing! Drinking vinegar (or shrubs) have been around for ages but are having a bit of a resurgence now. They're a combo of fruit, acid (vinegar) and a sweetener (honey). They are a great way to boost stomach acid production naturally, aid in digestion and make the best mocktails ever!

I made this recipe from Autoimmune Paleo and it was a big hit! It does contain natural sugars (honey and fruit) so if you're dealing with candida or have issues with blood sugar regulation you might do best with just straight up vinegar and water as a digestive aid. Do some experimenting!

Drinking Vinegar


Peach Rosemary Drinking Vinegar


4 cups peaches, diced

1 cup honey (I actually used only 1/2 cup and it worked out well)

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1 sprig rosemary (stem removed)

Sparking water



Combine peaches, honey and rosemary in a large jar and muddle together with a spoon. Cover and refrigerate for two days, stirring occasionally. 

Blend the peach mixture and strain back into the jar to remove solids. (I didn't have many chunks after blending so I was able to skip this step, but it will depend how much you blend the mixture)

Stir in the vinegar and put in the fridge for another three days. 

To make your drink fill a glass with ice, pour enough of the peach mixture to fill the glass 1/4 of the way full and top with sparking water. 

Drinking Vinegar Peach

It's the best Summer drink and I hope you like it! I've also been using the peach mixture as a salad dressing which is delicious. You can definitely experiment with different flavors (I did a blueberry sage one as well which was sooo tasty). 

drinking vinegar blueberry sage

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