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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EPISODE 12 - Be Healthy and Still Have FUN with Lizzie B.

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In episode 12 of the Live Well Podcast, we talk about finding balance in the pursuit of health with Lizzie Brikes-Rinker founder of Donuts and Downdog!


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00: Intro

  • 0:41: Introducing Lizzie Brikes-Rinker founder of Donuts and Downdog

  • 2:50: Lizzie’s take on what being healthy really means

    - Her experience as a D1 athlete as a rower

  • 4:30: Lizzie’s first experience with yoga

    - “If I’m tired I can lay down and no one is going to get mad at me?”

  • 9:10: How to get comfortable living the the “grey” area

    - “There’s not an end goal for health, it’s an ongoing process”

  • 13:00: Lizzie’s experience with an eating disorder, veganism and needing a “rule” for eating

    - Lizzie recommends the Beautiful Bodies Book

  • 18:00: How to actually “tune in” to your body and understand internal cues

    - Ask, “Am I actually hungry right now? Or do I need something else?” (5 second body scan)

  • 23:35: “If you ran a red light, would you continue to run red lights the rest of the way home?”

  • 28:00: How journaling has played a role in Lizzie’s ife

  • 37:20: Lizzie’s advice for how to be healthy and have fun!

  • 42:29: Outro

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