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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EPISODE 13 - How To not suck at cooking with Lindsay Kinder

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Lindsay Kinder is the head chef and macaron expert at Food La La. She’s classically trained in French cuisine and loves teaching people how to make fun, beautiful, delicious, feel-good food. She loves fancy (but not fussy) and knows all the tricks in the book!

Join us for episode 13 of the Live Well Podcast as we talk about the importance of home cooking and how to become a chef even if you think you’re horrible in the kitchen!


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 0:40 Introducing Lindsay Kinder of Food La La

  • 1:00 Lindsay talks about quitting her job in insurance to travel to France to learn more about her food

    • “There's so much more out there for me if I can be brave enough to find out what that looks like”  

  • 4:00 Trying to answer the questions:

    • Where does great food come from?

    • What are they doing with it that’s so special?

  • 10:00 “Love to eat? Learn to cook”

    • Lindsay’s thoughts on why, as a society, we’ve gotten away from home cooking

  • 17:00 The main blocks people come across when learning to cook

    • Intimidated and embarrassed

    • “No woman should ever feel like she's supposed to know this stuff.”

  • 21:58 What is our role as women with cooking and how can we feel empowered?

  • 22:20 Lindsay’s advice on where to start to get into cooking at home

    • Choose recipes from a trusted source while you are starting out

    • Prioritize good quality ingredients first

  • 33:00 Lindsay’s favorite kitchen staples

    • Good quality knives

    • Vitamix

    • Food processor

    • Kitchen-Aid

  • 40:00 How to make cooking fun again so it doesn’t feel like a chore and one more thing to cross of the to-do list

  • 44:30 Outro

Ready to get started? Download Lindsay’s three quick tricks to instantly make your food taste better by clicking here >>

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