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How To Deal With Autoimmune Flare-Ups


When I was first starting out on my healing journey 14 years ago after being diagnosed with Adult-Onset Still’s Disease, I thought that if I changed my diet and addressed the root cause of the issues going on in my body, I’d be “healed” and done dealing with symptoms. I had a really linear view of what healing looked like.

Now after coaching hundreds of women through their healing journeys and continuing to ride the waves of my own, I’ve learned that everyone has had an upward trajectory, but the line usually has many ups and down along the way. Although we’d rather they not happen, flare-ups are part of the process of managing your autoimmune disease.

Having a “Flare-Up Tool Kit” ready to go anytime symptoms come up can help to guide you through without falling into a state of overwhelm. And you’re in luck! Because today I’m sharing the 3 components of my Flare-Up Tool Kit with you to help you through this process.

Watch the video below or click here to read my full article featured on The Mighty to learn the 3 components of my Flare-Up Took Kit.

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Are you dealing with symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, pain or digestive issues?

You’ve gone to doctor after doctor. You’ve received some answers, have started on medications and notice some relief (thank goodness!) but are still left feeling exhausted, stressed, inflamed and not fully yourself?

Or maybe every test has come back “normal” and your practitioners have told you that there isn’t anything they can do, to come back when things get worse, or to simply manage your stress better?

If yes, then you are someone who would benefit form 1:1 holistic health coaching.

Health coaching is a necessary extension of the health care system in that together we have more time to uncover issues, implement strategies and assess outcomes together. Autoimmune disease is complex and to address it we need to come at it from all angles (pharmaceutical therapies from your doctor while also focusing on root cause factors like gut health, diet, sleep and stress). I offer accountability, a knowledgeable resource and most importantly support.

I always offer free 30-minute discovery sessions to get clear on your major health concerns and what’s standing in your way. Click the button below to set up your free consultation and we can create a plan of action specifically for you.

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