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Do Your Symptoms Feel Like A Big Mystery?


Do your symptoms feel like a big mystery? Your digestive issues and your aches and pains seem to stay constant no matter what you do. You feel like you’re doing everything “right” and can’t understand why your symptoms still persist. You can’t tell if cutting out gluten is actually helping you feel better or if it’s one of the many other interventions you’ve tried that’s making a difference.

Our diet and the things we do on a daily basis can affect us in so many different ways. Sometimes the confusing and overwhelming part is connecting these dots! One simple yet incredibly effective tool is using a food and symptom journal to better understand the connection between what you put into your body and how you feel.

Watch the video below or read on to learn how to use this powerful tool and crack the code on your most confusing symptoms today!

When I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) at 18 years old, I was not very in tune with my body and the symptoms I was experiencing. I was overwhelmed, in a lot of pain, and not used to tuning in and making connections between what I ate and how I felt.

Food & Symptom Journaling To The Rescue!

The first time I started to really tune in was when I went to a practitioner who had me try a few days of food and symptom journaling. At first I was nervous about someone else seeing my personal habits and symptoms so closely. But once I started using the journal for a couple days, I was amazed at how I started to make connections between my everyday actions (eating, sleeping, activity levels, mood, etc.) and how I felt physically and mentally throughout the day.

I was officially sold on the value of food & symptom journaling! Many years later, I still use this tool to help myself when mystery symptoms pop up. So today, I’m sharing a free food & symptom journal with you, which you can start using today to tap into what’s going on with your body on a daily basis.

You’ll just write down everything that you eat and drink during the day, along with any symptoms that you feel throughout the day and your bowel movements. Then review the information you’ve been tracking as you go to find relationships between certain activities and symptoms. I don’t recommend using this forever though, as it’s meant to be used as a tool for you to gain valuable information.

I always recommend working with someone like a health coach to help guide you through the process, to reflect on the insights that you gain from it, and to figure out a plan of action with the information you gleaned.

Ready to get started right now? Instantly download your free Food & Symptom Journal to start cracking the code on your health issues today. So many answers are available to you if you just know where to look!

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Are you dealing with symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, pain or digestive issues?

You’ve gone to doctor after doctor. You’ve received some answers, have started on medications and notice some relief (thank goodness!) but are still left feeling exhausted, stressed, inflamed and not fully yourself?

Or maybe every test has come back “normal” and your practitioners have told you that there isn’t anything they can do, to come back when things get worse, or to simply manage your stress better?

If yes, then you are someone who would benefit form 1:1 holistic health coaching.

Health coaching is a necessary extension of the health care system in that together we have more time to uncover issues, implement strategies and assess outcomes together. Autoimmune disease is complex and to address it we need to come at it from all angles (pharmaceutical therapies from your doctor while also focusing on root cause factors like gut health, diet, sleep and stress). I offer accountability, a knowledgeable resource and most importantly support.

I always offer free 30-minute discovery sessions to get clear on your major health concerns and what’s standing in your way. Click the button below to set up your free consultation and we can create a plan of action specifically for you.