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Celery Juice Cures All and Coconut Oil is Poison?


I recently posted a photo on Instagram of some celery juice I tried (it’s gotten a lot of buzz recently for its numerous health benefits) and asked people if they had tried it and if it was beneficial to them or not. I got responses varying from “Incorporating celery juice made my skin softer and helped my joint pain” to “Celery juice upset my stomach and my practitioner told me it was unsafe”.

What this highlighted to me really had nothing to do with celery juice, but EVERYTHING to do with the concept of bio-individuality or the idea that everyone is unique, so we can rarely make one-size-fits-all claims, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Do you ever get confused by sensationalized health claims promising to be the “magic bullet”? Hearing one week that coffee is good for you and contains beneficial antioxidants and then seeing an article the next week that says it can worsen autoimmune symptoms? I personally believe that sensationalized news articles are one of the worst things to happen to our collective health (and I explain why in the video below!). My goal is to arm you with the best tools to cut through the false information and figure out what’s going to work in your unique body.

Watch the video below or read on to learn 3 rules of thumb when it comes to sifting through sensationalized health claims and conflicting information to know what's right for YOU!

1) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Our brains are wired to always be seeking a “quick fix” answer to our problems or health issues. It would be so easy to take a pill and have the issue go away without having to change anything else we’re doing, right? It’s just human nature! I would currently like a quick fix pill to help me perfectly manage my stress, busy schedule and dietary needs on a daily basis.

But, alas, I know that doesn’t exist and I have to do the work (ok, but if it does exist...hook a sister up?). While this may work for acute issues like broken bones or infections, it’s unlikely that one pill, elixir, supplement or intervention is going to be the one and only thing to fix all of our issues. Although they may help to aid us in healing, it’s best to be critical of products that make these claims.

2) Nail the basics first.

I frequently have clients come to me with brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues and anxiety, who are really worried about which type of turmeric supplement to take, or exactly which collagen powder they saw online that will heal their gut and change everything. These are good ideas for sure! But if used in a vacuum, they fall into the “quick fix” category that we all get stuck in.

We can totally take that turmeric supplement, but if we don’t nail the foundations of cleaning up our diet, eating good nutrient dense food regularly (easier said than done), find ways to legitimately manage stressors to support our adrenals and get some sleep, that little turmeric pill isn’t really going to do that much to change how we feel.

So bring it back to basics. Nail the foundations first. If you don’t, it’s like building a house with no roof and then buying really expensive Anthropologie bedding—and then every time it rains it ruins everything. This concept is simple, but I’m not saying it’s always easy. If you need some guidance on where to start (it can feel overwhelming for sure), I’ve got your back! I know with 100% certainty that you can do this, no matter where you’re at!

3) Filter everything through your own personal guidance system.

Instead of relying on external guides to tell us what to do, we need to direct our attention internally to filter information through our own guidance system. Read more here about 3 ways to begin the process of tuning into your body and strengthening your internal guidance system >>


Are you dealing with symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, pain or digestive issues?

You’ve gone to doctor after doctor. You’ve received some answers, have started on medications and notice some relief (thank goodness!) but are still left feeling exhausted, stressed, inflamed and not fully yourself?

Or maybe every test has come back “normal” and your practitioners have told you that there isn’t anything they can do, to come back when things get worse, or to simply manage your stress better?

If yes, then you are someone who would benefit form 1:1 holistic health coaching.

Health coaching is a necessary extension of the health care system in that together we have more time to uncover issues, implement strategies and assess outcomes together. Autoimmune disease is complex and to address it we need to come at it from all angles (pharmaceutical therapies from your doctor while also focusing on root cause factors like gut health, diet, sleep and stress). I offer accountability, a knowledgeable resource and most importantly support.

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