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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #30 - Soulful Self-Care with Kari Owens

Soulful Self-Care with Kari Owens

Kari is a Certified Life & Wellness Coach and yoga teacher working to empower women to listen deeply to themselves. She helps women put themselves first and reconnect with their body. She's coached thousands of women to develop a deeper relationship with themselves and truly live the life their soul desires.

Kari is the Founder of Soul Power for Women, a membership community with online courses teaching women all over the world how to connect to yourself, listen more deeply to your body, and honor your soul.

Watch or listen below as we speak about soulful self-care and how to implement it into your own, beautiful life!

Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 0:48 Introducing Kari Owens

  • 2:30 Kari’s own personal journey that led her to question, “What makes me feel alive and how do I sustain that feeling?”

  • 6:50 What is self-care?

    • What is your soul asking you for?

  • 12:00 How to take action

  • 18:30 Commit to something that brings you joy

  • 20:00 4 Pillars of self care course (step-by-step)

  • 24:00 The concept of “dating yourself” as a pathway to greater self-love

  • 30:00 Barriers to self-care and common myths

    • Limiting beliefs

    • Not enough money

    • No time to fit it in

  • 41:33 How to connect with Kari and join the Soul Power Community

  • 43:13 Outro


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We hear a lot about “self-care”, not pouring from an empty cup, putting on your oxygen mask before others, right? We know the importance of taking care of ourselves (whether we are managing a chronic illness or not) but how do we actually make this happen in real life? What if the moment you wake up, you have 5 people who need you immediately, a growing to-do list and a full email inbox? What are your options, cry and hide under the covers? Power through and end up a shell of a human come 5pm? Neither of those options sound very good.

What if I told you there is a better way to care for yourself in the context of your life? One that doesn’t have to involve moving to a remote island with a personal chef and no responsibilities (because I swear there is!)

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