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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #36 - Self-attacking thoughts and autoimmunity with Tara Mixon


Today on the Live Well podcast I’ll be talking with Tara Mixon about self-attacking thoughts and the effects on our bodies. Tara Mixon is a food freedom health coach. She believes we are dynamic and complicated beings, and our wellbeing arises from more than the right diet and culturally accepted body shape. That we need to shift the focus from food to who are we as eaters, to who we are beyond the body.  Tara came to this work after practicing pharmacy for over a decade, and having her own journey with bulimia. She understands that health and healing is a deep, complicated, long and holistic journey. She believes we need to learn to love ourselves the way we innately love others.

Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 0:48 Introducing Tara

  • 1:43 Tara speaks about her background and journey from Pharmacist to Holistic Health Coach

  • 8:40 “We need to shift the focus from food to who we are as eaters, to who we are beyond the body”

  • 11:10 How our words and thought patterns affect our bodies

  • 16:00 Using food as an emotional support substance

  • 18:50 Action steps to take to transform our self-attacking thoughts into thoughts of self-compassion

    • Awareness is the only place to start if we want change to happen

    • Be willing to sit down with yourself and be honest

    • If you feel stuck yourself, ask your loved ones what are some phrases or thoughts you often use

  • 23:26 The importance of curiosity vs. force when making changes

  • 27:30 Tara’s personal practices she uses to help transform her thoughts and breakthrough her limiting beliefs

  • 42:42 Outro

Tara Mixon

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Website | Instagram | Download Tara’s Body Kindness Workbook

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