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LIVE WELL PODCAST | Ep #55 - Creating calm amidst a busy life with Lesa Blackham

Lesa Blackham

Lesa Blackham is a Life Coach at Creating Calm. After struggling with anxiety for most of her adult life, Lesa decided it was time to take back control and find the answers she needed to live a more balanced, worry free and happy life. Join us as we speak about cultivating calm and reducing stress amidst a busy life.


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro 

  • 2:56 Lesa shares her personal story on how life as a busy mom lead to anxiety, breakdown and a wakeup call to action.

  • 8:35 Lesa talks about her turning point. What she realized about her never ending “to-do list” that changed her entire perspective.

  • 15:25 Where do you start? How do you do things differently so you can avoid burn out?

  • 20:30 Lesa shares the most common blocks clients share when trying to cultivate calm and make more space in their lives.

  • 33:32 Outro

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