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Live well podcast | Ep #56 - Chronic illness and the loss of self with Kerry Jeffery

Kerry Jeffrey

Kerry Jeffery is a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach living well with Hashimoto's, Celiac and Antiphosopholipid Syndrome in Melbourne, Australia.

After experiencing the profound emotional changes and challenges that chronic illness bought into her life when she was physically and cognitively disabled, she found that there were no resources available to her on how to deal with the complex grief of becoming chronically ill.

To address this gap, Kerry created her own grief model to help herself and others with living with chronic illness understand the loss of self that chronic illness brings and help them navigate their way through it.

Kerry now works with clients all over the world online, using her own unique therapy programs to help people with chronic illness remove the trauma, overcome the emotional overwhelm, and find their way back to a new version of themselves. Join us today as we speak about chronic illness and the loss of self and explore ways to navigate challenging times with awareness and grace.


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro 

  • 02:30 Kerry shares her personal story and what lead her to do the work she does today.

  • 10:00 How she originally dealt with her diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease and her worst case scenario plan.

  • 15:10 How traumatic health events, like being diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease, can feel lonely and scary as we deal with the unknown.

  • 16:15 How Kerry initially received support for her chronic illness that helped her feel understood and supported.

  • 19:35 “What if this gets worse?” Kerry speaks to the biggest fears and uncertainty she hears from her clients.

  • 28:15 How the grieving process of the “loss of self” keeps people stuck in denial of their chronic illness.

  • 35:20 “Can you get back to the person I was before? Can I just push through?” Kerry talks about our underlying emotions, and difficulty sitting with out grief.

  • 39:40 A summary of Kerry’s 9 Stages of Grief Model.

  • 58:05 Outro

Kerry Jeffery

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