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Confession: I'm a Teeth Grinder

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That's right you guys, I'm a teeth grinder. Or I was until I figured out a few easy tips to get to the root cause of my clenching and grinding problems.  If you yourself have ever woken up with a sore jaw and headache, are unable to relax your jaw during the day, or have had a sleeping partner wake you up to say “stop making that horrible death sound with your mouth", then you might be too.

My clenching and grinding peaked to a whole new level with the stress and anxiety of getting through nursing school. I frequently woke up with raging headaches and tension that spread all the way down my neck.

After a chipped molar and months of unrelenting jaw pain, I finally went to a doctor for guidance. The only solution he offered me was to take a sedative muscle relaxant to relax my jaw and relieve the pain. Muscle relaxants gave me some relief but left me in a sleepy, foggy state (which was not going to work for me when I was trying to pass my nursing finals). So, what was I supposed to do?

Thankfully, I've found some really effective natural methods to overcome this painful, subconscious habit.  Check out the video below to learn my tips for natural relief from teeth grinding! Or read my step-by-step article on the SCD Lifestyle page here >>

I hope these simple tips help you get some relief! They've certainly been a game changer for me. 

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