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Why Our Current Healthcare System Isn't Enough

Our Western medical establishment typically defines alternative medicine as any practice that doesn’t come from evidence gathered using the scientific method.  And while I believe standards and regulations to be crucially important when creating guidelines to treat human beings, (do you want your surgeon doing anything other than the gold standard?) I do believe this labeling creates a very limited viewpoint.

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My Story [Part 2]

The diagnosis of a chronic illness can provide relief at finally having answers to questions, but it is only the starting point in the journey of returning to health again. I began this journey at 18 years old and never imagined all the places it would take me.  This discovery is my passion, my purpose, and what I want to share with you!  Whether you are living with a chronic illness or simply crave health and balance in your life, I want to guide you and show you how it is possible to find sustainable, attainable health by nourishing your body and mind.

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