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Why Our Current Healthcare System Isn't Enough

Our Western medical establishment typically defines alternative medicine as any practice that doesn’t come from evidence gathered using the scientific method.  And while I believe standards and regulations to be crucially important when creating guidelines to treat human beings, (do you want your surgeon doing anything other than the gold standard?) I do believe this labeling creates a very limited viewpoint.

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Mindful Eating

One thing I hear a lot from clients is that they know they should eat more veggies, drink more water and avoid overly fried sugary foods but for some reason they just can’t seem to stick with it.  They have good intentions but cave when a sugar craving hits at 3:00pm or they get a surge of hunger after restricting calories all day, or they overeat after a particularly stressful day at work.  Becoming mindful around how we eat and the food we put into our bodies is the missing link here that doesn’t get a lot of mainstream attention.

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What to Bring to Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Despite the best intentions of health care providers, our current health care system does not always allow us the time we need to feel cared for.  In a perfect world we would have as long as we needed with our providers.   We would be encouraged to be our own advocates, and to ask questions not only about our specific health concern but also about how our body is working as whole.

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