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My Favorite Books on Nutrition

I’ve recently been getting a lot of people asking for my favorite books and resources on health and nutrition.  I want to emphasize that they are thousands of books out there on health and nutrition, and they all have a different focus and take on what we should eat.  It can be overwhelming when we read something one day that tells us all carbohydrates should be avoided and the next read a book about the critical importance of whole grains in the diet.

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Pesto Kale Salad

Are you experiencing a turkey hangover? Get some greens in you to help balance yourself out!

 One of the many good reasons to eat more greens is that they are great for cleansing our system.  Leafy greens are high-alkaline foods meaning they neutralize acidic conditions in our bodies that come from stress, the environment, and diets high in saturated fat and simple sugars [1]. 


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