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Why your healing diet isn't "working"

Why your healing diet isn't "working"

I’m always reading books, listening to podcasts and attending trainings on the latest and greatest in nutrition and holistic health to make sure I’m up to date on what’s going on and can best serve my clients. I was recently reading a great book about using nutrition and lifestyle shifts specifically to balance hormones. It had amazing information about getting to the root cause or hormonal imbalance in the body and at the end of the book proposed a 30-day “hormone balancing protocol” which included dietary advice and a supplement regimen.

To be honest, this is one of probably 10 different protocols I’ve read about in the last 6 months, all somewhat similar but with their own nuances, restrictions and guidelines.

As I was reading through I kept thinking about how many clients come to me saying they tried XYZ protocol and it didn’t “work” or they’re afraid they may not have “done it right.” What happens if you follow the protocol to a T but your symptoms get worse, or some get better but others get worse, or you have no idea if it’s helping at all?

It’s not necessarily because you didn’t do it right, or because something is wrong with you. Any protocol or template is meant to be a guide. The information that you gather as you move through these shifts and changes and observe results in your own body is what matters.

If you are instructed to eat 9 servings of veggies a day, most of them cruciferous and raw and you feel bloated and uncomfortable, that’s information. If you are told to avoid all carbohydrates and you feel like you have the flu and are zapped of energy, that’s information. If you’re drastically increasing your intake of fats and you digestion goes off, that’s information. If you’re eating a “perfect” diet full of restrictions and you’re so stressed out that you can’t sleep or relax, that too is information.

It’s not that what you’re doing isn’t “working,” it’s simply that you are a unique body that may require different things based on where you are at at this moment.

If you are having a difficult time navigating these waters and figuring out what works for you and your specific body, I can help! I always offer free, 30-minute discovery calls to hear more about your story, identify the blocks standing in your way and create a plan of action specifically for you!

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Are you dealing with symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, pain or digestive issues?

You’ve gone to doctor after doctor. You’ve received some answers, have started on medications and notice some relief (thank goodness!) but are still left feeling exhausted, stressed, inflamed and not fully yourself?

Or maybe every test has come back “normal” and your practitioners have told you that there isn’t anything they can do, to come back when things get worse, or to simply manage your stress better?

If yes, then you are someone who would benefit form 1:1 holistic health coaching.

Health coaching is a necessary extension of the health care system in that together we have more time to uncover issues, implement strategies and assess outcomes together. Autoimmune disease is complex and to address it we need to come at it from all angles (pharmaceutical therapies from your doctor while also focusing on root cause factors like gut health, diet, sleep and stress). I offer accountability, a knowledgeable resource and most importantly support.

I always offer free 30-minute discovery sessions to get clear on your major health concerns and what’s standing in your way. Click the button below to set up your free consultation and we can create a plan of action specifically for you.