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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #44 - Exercise and autoimmunity with Andrea Wool

Andrea Wool is the creator and founder of Autoimmune Strong which is an online workout program designed for those with autoimmune disease. Andrea struggled for years to find a fitness professional who understood how to work with my body's chronic flare-ups and pain and developed the Autoimmune Strong program for her own personal healing. Join us as we speak about what kind of exercise is right for those with chronic pain and autoimmunity and how to get started!

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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #40 - Toxin-free skincare with Courtney O’Connor of Primally Pure

Courtney Joy O'Connor is a licensed holistic esthetician at Primally Pure who has been involved in the beauty industry for nearly a decade. Her in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience and heartfelt passions inspire her to educate others on the positive impact of pure, simple ingredients. Tune in to learn about why it’s important to consider what products we put on our skin, some of the most harmful (and sneaky!) products to look out for, and how to become conscious consumers when it comes to skincare.

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