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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #29 - Managing autoimmune disease without giving up your life with Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine is a food and health writer, gluten-free chef, blogger, recipe developer and speaker. She was born and raised in New York City, where she continues to live and eat. Her memoir, The Wellness Project, chronicles her journey with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and how she finally found the middle ground between health and hedonism by making one lifestyle change, one month at a time. Join us as we speak about managing an autoimmune disease and the pursuit of health without giving up your life!

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5 Ways to improve your digestion

The processes of digestion is a vitally important piece of the puzzle that determines what nutrients we actually receive from our food and how our body uses those nutrients as fuel. No matter what our symptoms are, we could all use some help optimizing our digestive process, because it has such a big impact on our overall health. Read on to learn why a healthy digestive system is so critically important (especially if you have an autoimmune disease) and simple 5 ways to improve yours!

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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #27 - How to create a morning ritual that works with Cass O’Neill

Cass O’Neill is a yoga instructor and empowerment life coach who’s hooked on all things that light her soul on fire - movement, writing, & sharing and speaking truth. She wants to connect and share with all walks of life over what lights them up and makes them feel alive. I’m excited to have her on the podcast today talking about how a simple morning ritual can bring you greater calm, clarity and energy. Tired of hitting the snooze button every morning and feeling behind before your day even gets started? Tune into this insightful episode and learn how to start your day off right!

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