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It is possible to wake up and feel energized and excited about the day ahead of you. To be able to care for your kids and be there for your family. To have the stamina to enjoy a productive career you love.  To feel great in your body and confident about your food choices.  

The good news is that you do have options and it is possible to feel healthy and energized again no matter where you are at right now.  If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, my Live Well private coaching program is for you.

Have you ever left a doctor's appointment and been told that "nothing is wrong" or to come back when "things get worse" but you are still left feeling exhausted, in pain, not yourself? You know when you don't feel right. When you don't feel like yourself.  You feel like you can't be there for those in your life and are missing out on important moments because you are constantly running on empty and just getting by.  


You feel that no one understands what you are going through and aren't getting the answers you need.


I know what it's like to feel like you don't have the energy to do the things that everyone else does.  You know you should eat better or exercise more, but honestly you run out of steam just trying to get through the day!  Going for a run after work or preparing a nice, healthy meal, yeah that would help and it’s a nice idea but it's not gonna happen. It feels so out of reach. But you desperately want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make yourself feel better on a daily basis.

Or maybe you’ve read about how diet and lifestyle might influence your symptoms of autoimmune disease, or you’ve tried a few restrictive diets already. You feel great while doing them, but when life starts to happen and you fall off the wagon or get away from this super restrictive way of eating all of your symptoms flood back and you are back at square one. You want something more sustainable. Something that can carry you through social events, family gatherings and travel.

There is so much conflicting information out there about autoimmune disease, diet and lifestyle and it can get so overwhelming!

I’ve designed my Live Well program to cut through all of the overwhelm and give you a clear plan of action.

Here’s what Chelsea had to say after going through the four month program: “I was a weary, confused patient with a year of racked up medical bills, and I thought long and hard about spending the money to work with a health coach. If anyone is in that place now, I can tell you I am not exaggerating when I say that the investment I made in working with Christina was the best health-related investment I’ve made all year.  In fact, you could probably even take out the words ‘health-related.’” - Chelsea K.

If you’re excited about how great it would be to finally have a plan of action, improve your energy, take control of your chronic illness and feel great in your body but are having thoughts like, “When the kids are a little older it will be possible for me to focus on my health” or “When things just calm down at my job I’ll be less tired” or some version of “When this happens I will….” stop right there.

These beliefs stop us from taking steps towards true healing and transformation and keep us stuck in the same old patterns over and over again. Chances are if you’re reading this your old patterns haven’t been giving you the results you want.

There will never be a “perfect” time to put yourself and your health first. There is always something. If you have made it here, now is the time and you really do deserve it. I want you to feel empowered and supported to finally take action because I know so deeply what is possible for you. If you’ve been feeling stuck, it’s likely you just need support and guidance to cut through the overwhelm, speed up the process, and get crystal clear on the next steps you need to take in order to skyrocket your healing to the next level.


Over 4 months of working together I will help you:

  • Boost your energy levels and get rid of that 3pm slump to get you back to your active, vibrant life!

  • Improve digestion and gut health - the key to whole body health.

  • Incorporate healthy, whole foods into your diet in a way that works for you (and your picky kids, reluctant partner, and lack of kitchen confidence!)

  • Cut through all of the overwhelm and conflicting dietary information out there to figure out once and for all what food works for your unique body.

  • Finally take control of your autoimmune disease and understand root causes of imbalance in the body.

  • Tangibly reduce stress and implement effective stress management techniques to feel calm, grounded and resilient.

  • Find ways to move your body that you actually enjoy.

  • Feel empowered knowing you are doing all the right things on a daily basis to support your body with chronic illness.

  • Create a care team to support you and your unique needs for the rest of your life.


Here is a testimonial from a client who went through the Live Well private coaching program so you know what is possible for you:

"The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been that my Rheumatoid Arthritis flare has subsided dramatically. I think both the drugs (from my doctor) and the dietary changes Christina guided me through have contributed to that. Also I have been able to expand the foods that I eat, which has felt very liberating, especially when going out with family and friends. I feel much more confident about choices that I make since working with Christina.

Christina’s personal experience with an autoimmune condition and her knowledge base as an RN and nutrition coach all led me to feel that I could trust her recommendations and guidance.

Since I was already doing an elimination diet, Christina guided me through the steps of being able to reintroduce foods. She sent me a copy of the 'Autoimmune Manifesto' which I keep up in my kitchen. It has gems like 'trust your intuition, start simple, and food is your friend.' With the plethora of conflicting information available, I have found this “Manifesto” calming and very helpful. This is just one of many resources that Christina shared with me. I would recommend Christina to anyone who is dealing with an autoimmune condition who wants to make positive and healthy changes in his or her dietary, exercise and emotional health. I think that we can all use help with this, especially when we want to try something new." - Teresa V.


The Live well program 

Your 4 month program includes:

Four months is the ideal length time to work together for you to see BIG results. If you’ve “tried it all” and are sick of quick fixes not working, this program is for you.

  • 10 x private coaching sessions [45-minutes online or over the phone]

    • We complete a 4-week intensive and then move towards bi-weekly sessions.

  • Completion of a Functional Timeline - gathering and organizing your history from birth until present day ($450 value included in your program).

  • Simple recipes that are easy and quick to prepare + meal planning guidance.

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions. You have me as your guide and support system throughout the entire program to get you back to your beautiful, productive life not dominated by symptoms of disease.

Investment: $2250 (10% full pay discount plus bonus coaching session!) or four monthly payments of $625.

If you are ready to explore a brand new way of living well with chronic illness, click the button below to book in a free 30-minute discovery session.  I’d love to hear more about you and your story!

Words From Clients

These are all testimonials from amazing clients who I have helped guide through the scope of holistic health coaching to incorporate healthy whole foods, gain an understanding of the possible root causes of physical and emotional imbalance and assemble an effective care team.

Live Well Christina

"There were a number of reasons why I needed to put my health first this year, but the main catalyst that drove me to work with Christina as my guide is that my husband and I wanted to be at our healthiest for trying to expand our family. In the past, I’ve had some chronic issues with off-balanced thyroid levels, as well as a hard time managing acid-reflux and digestion. And overall, I just felt like we weren’t eating consciously. We had created bad habits, and not only needed help to break those, but to develop new, healthy ones. It got to a point where health was something that we needed to make a priority.

Everything we were seeking has been accomplished! I feel so grateful for the guidance and good habits that Christina helped me to create, and I feel better. My biggest tangible result was how empowered I feel in my eating. I’m in charge of what I put into my body, I’m in charge of how I feel based on what I eat, and I feel educated to make the right decisions at the right times for the right reasons. Knowing that balance is okay means that I don’t have to feel trapped, or stressed, or negative about decisions. With Christina’s help, it’s so easy to want to get back to eating well, because it correlates with feeling the best.

The best part about working with Christina is her ability to listen to you, and really hear what you need. She is such a genuine person, searching only for the best solution for each of her clients. There is no cookie cutter solution that she offers over and over again. Christina truly takes the time to listen and provide feedback and advice accordingly. To me, there is something about baring these issues that is usually deeper than what’s right there on the surface. Which can be a scary thing to share. With Christina, there is not one drop of judgement, which just continues to make it easier to open up more and more.

I always feel confident that the advice she’s offering, and the goals she’s setting for me are coming from an educated place. And if ever she didn’t have the answer right then, she found out for me. So I think the reason she was able to help me work toward my goals ultimately is because I could trust her." - Ashley B. 

“After 2 decades and thousands of dollars wasted on every kind of healthcare practitioner that exists, I finally found Christina! She was able to listen and analyze my autoimmune issues and help me find real solutions to get my life back! Christina was able to help me work toward my goals by listening. Then helping me set priorities and make small changes in my lifestyle.

The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have the energy level that I had 20 years ago! I am more intentional in my decision making in all areas of my life, especially what I eat. My days working with Christina were the most productive, encouraging, thoughtful days of my life! I would recommend Christina to anyone and everyone who wants to live a healthy life.” - Mikkell

“I was a weary, confused patient with a year of racked up medical bills, and I thought long and hard about spending the money to work with a health coach. If anyone is in that place now, I can tell you I am not exaggerating when I say that the investment I made in working with Christina was the best health-related investment I’ve made all year.  In fact, you could probably even take out the words ‘health-related.’” - Chelsea K.

“I used to feel so bad in the mornings that I could barely make it to lunch time. After working with Christina and learning how to eat for energy I am now rising earlier and doing so with no problems. I relied on fueling myself with coffee like a machine for the past 60 years of my life, and now I find myself finishing half of my cup and not needing the rest (I put it back in the fridge!). I look forward to my morning walk now rather than dreading it because I have the energy. I can do what I want and I've finally stopped feeling so worthless.” - Diehl M. 

"Christina is very personable and easy to work with because she has been through the same thing. She understands the frustration and work that goes into changing something as integrated in your life like your diet.  I had to make a lot of changes to my normal diet and it wasn’t always easy.  What made it easier was suggestions Christina made for types of foods and even full on healthy eating meal plans you could follow.  It wasn’t just ‘avoid this’, it was ‘avoid this, try that’. She also doesn’t advise fully excising these things from your life, just be more conscious of these choices." - Brady D. 

"After just one month of working with Christina to transition towards a whole foods diet I started getting compliments from friends at work saying ‘your eyes look so bright, your clothes are getting loose, you look so happy today!’ It was wonderful and kept going from there. We were able to reduce my major digestive symptoms I've had for 30 years. I have my life back." - Sandi C. 

“I would recommend Christina to everyone! She seems to come up in almost every discussion I have with friends.  I think especially moms with little kids and post-baby really struggle with trying to accept the changes that have happened in their body.  Plus having the new demands of an infant or toddler and the challenge of trying to get food on the table – or at least in your mouth! Anyone who just doesn’t feel right or is struggling with mysterious illness would be wise to spend some time with Christina to understand how diet and lifestyle shifts are contributing factors.” - Jessica P.  

“Christina has the three important factors: training, experience and empathy - which has helped me immeasurably to "get real" during our sessions and importantly, get after the issues and focus on knowledge to make progress.

My self- awareness has really increased during the past few months working with Christina. First, for me the time during sessions Christina just flies by. It feels like just a few minutes, she keeps it positive, energetic, and focused. We review the prior week, I take notes of our conversation - and look forward to the incredibly helpful recap she sends afterward.” - Scott

"My top goals upon starting the Live Well Program were help with demystifying all of the advice on dealing with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis to improve the lack of energy, and to find relief from constant stomach pain and IBS type symptoms.

Christina helped me achieve these goals by providing information about healthy food choices and how to incorporate them into my life. Christina worked with me to map out a healthy food plan that immediately helped me feel better. Additionally Christina helped me to understand the conflicting information and advice in the literature. I feel as though I have a handle on what works for me, since Hashimoto's affects people differently.

One of the key breakthroughs for me was to work through each week eliminating the foods that were making my symptoms worse, adding nutritionally dense foods then identifying that stress was playing a large role in exacerbating my symptoms.

Once everything else had been addressed, it became clear that work related stress was a large contributor. I have been taking steps to reduce stress and work on alternate plans to get healthier.The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been feeling knowledgeable and in control of my health and well-being.

Christina is compassionate and you feel like truly understands your frustration. She is very knowledgeable and helpful as you experiment with what works for you. Christina doesn’t shame you if you mess up and don’t follow the plan one week. She is encouraging and supportive and works hard to find solutions for you. Christina is flexible and accommodating with challenging schedules. She makes it easy to work with her.

I would recommend Christina to everyone with an autoimmune condition and/or struggling with digestive issues." - Wendy

“I wish I had met Christina 25 years earlier. After our program I already have recommended Christina to relatives and friends as well as other professionals I have worked with as a good resource. Christina has educational videos, recipes, good ideas and great support in making kind of hard changes.” - Deborah

“I sought out health coaching because I wanted to feel hopeful again that my health would respond positively to a change in diet and lifestyle techniques discussed with Christina, and try out various techniques in my everyday life to see which ones work best. I also needed to feel a relief from symptoms (autoimmune, allergy, skin) that were leading to crushing anxiety.

Christina has the sweet and nurturing temperament of someone who cares about her clients. Through this kindness (and expertise), she was able to provide me with useful interventions that diminished certain symptoms. Her encouragement, support, and genuine empathy made the difference in lowering my anxiety when it comes to health-related concerns.

An elimination diet and general techniques regarding repairing my gut has markedly improved symptoms of brain fog, psoriasis, chronic inflammation, and the like. I feel more energy now after working with Christina – and a relief knowing that my previous struggles with these health concerns are not permeant or debilitating. I have learned that just as a poor diet can lead to obesity or other unfortunately health conditions, a clean diet eliminating common allergens can greatly improve one’s symptoms.” - Stuart

“Anyone who is dealing with anything related to their digestion would benefit from Christina's expertise and knowledge.” - Client

“My top goals upon starting the Live Well program with Christina were to decrease the rash on my eyelids, decrease bloating and sleep better.

Christina helped me with all of my goals. She didn't just offer a one-size-fits-all approach to my diet and lifestyle options. She listened to me and together we decided on a plan. A step-wise approach to full compliance with the Autoimmune Paleo Diet is just what I personally needed. Otherwise, I feel I wouldn't have been successful. She sent me an updated plan after each visit, gave me worksheets and meal ideas.  She followed up with me regularly and she listened to me.

The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been that my eye rash is 70% improved, my bloating is rare and almost non-existent and sleep is a lot better! I'm still able to eat for health and really listen to my body 3 months out from coaching.

Christina is a wonderful health coach. She listens with an open heart as well as open ears. I love that she is real. She is empathetic. I looked forward to our appointments as it was a time to be heard and receive do-able advice.” - Kristen B.

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“I started this program to understand the effects of certain foods on my body, get better sleep, learn more about my autoimmune disease (pernicious anemia) and how to ease symptoms have more energy and lose weight.

Weekly individual coaching sessions were key to help me work through my issues. Christina was not judgmental if didn't complete goals - never made me feel like I was failing, only encouraged me to do better and had suggestions for any obstacle. She provided me with necessary fundamentals of understanding how to lead a healthy lifestyle conducive to my body.

The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been POOPING! I used to be every 2-3 days and now I'm every day! I understand what foods make me bloated and I have the tools and understanding to work to absolve that. My sleep is much better! I lost weight and developed better eating habits while traveling!

Christina is truly the best coach I could ask for -- especially because of her experience, personality, and ability to relate to my issues, autoimmune and beyond. I couldn't be more grateful for everything she has helped me achieve. Christina exceeded my expectations.

I've never felt less-judged in my entire life -- something that is terrifying when looking for a health and nutrition coach. Not to mention she really knows what she's doing. I couldn't recommend her more!” - Taryn

“I would recommend Christina to anyone struggling with autoimmune disorders or anyone who doesn’t seem to fit into the ‘conventional medicine box’ and has felt as though people don’t understand their situation.” - Atty

“For me, the feeling I had prior to to working with Christina was of being lost in the woods. I had been trying many different pathways in order to get myself unstuck  and where I wanted to be - but instead just seemed to find myself back in the same place. And worse yet, confused and frustrated about what I should do next. 

Connecting with Christina was finding a knowledgeable, caring, experienced guide who helped me walk my own way through to a better place - and all the while why making that walk with me, she helped me gain the necessary awareness to not get lost again. 

I know for a fact that taking that time, and her careful, patient guidance during this time to help me become better equipped for the future, has been the best part of this experience. Life happens, there is no magic wand (or helicopter) to take us to that perfect place - so learning (and self-awareness) to have confidence moving forward has been the best part of working with Christina. I can't thank her enough for that.” - Client

“Before working with Christina I didn't think I could cook. I have a different attitude about food. I am not a foodie. I'm not a huge fan of making recipes with lots of ingredients that make lots of pots and pans dirty. Christina helped me see that I can keep it simple and still eat good food. She is so great to work with. She's so sweet and understanding. I think the thing I like most about her is that she's super non-judgmental!!! That is so refreshing. She is just the best! I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and Christina was especially good with helping me navigate this difficult time. I love her!” - Monica

“My top goals when starting the program were to (work with my doctor to) get off Prilosec, calm my lupus, and address my digestive problems like heartburn, stomach ache, nausea, and bloating. Christina was able to help me achieve my goals with practical suggestions. She had great ideas and helped me make realistic goals that I could keep to improve my health.

The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been MUCH less heartburn which is life changing.

I really enjoyed Christina’s upbeat and intelligent way she is in the world. I learned a lot and made some huge changes in regards to my health and outlook about things.

I really appreciated so many things about my experience working with Christina. She is organized, knowledgable and generous with her information. I liked getting a summary of all I was taught each session and all the links and referrals she shared with me. I honestly had never heard about how digestion works and wasn’t working correctly for me and why. I wish I had met her 25 years ago.” - Deborah

Christina is an angel to work with. She is sweet, kind, caring, and attentive. I would recommend Christina to anyone, but especially those that feel their health isn’t optimal and, in worst cases, debilitating. Her techniques and knowledge would help improve anyone’s well-being, but her ability to restore the health of those who are suffering (like I was) is uncanny.” - Stuart

“My top goals upon starting my 4-month program were to weight loss, to figure out the cause of my persistent headaches and feel more energized. Christina guided me through a “food-mood-poop” journal, an elimination “lite” diet, and some major discoveries about food and how it impacts me and my body.  Allowing us enough time to work together (about 4 months) really let us dive deep with certain foods and give my body time to react (or not) to various strategies we tried. Based on her expert assessment she also connected me with a great doctor to have on my care team who helped me diagnose and prescribe medicine for two conditions I would have had a difficult time uncovering.

Since working with Christina I think very differently about food and the meals I put together for myself and my family.  ‘Does this have a good balance of protein, carbs and fat? Is it a colorful meal?’ I don’t feel like I am restricting what I eat but rather seeking out good stuff to fuel my body which is a huge mindset shift. I feel so lucky to have decided to work with Christina when I did. My mysterious and disabling headaches returned and without her help I don’t think I would have ever figured out that food sensitivities the culprit.”  - Jessica P.

“My top goals upon starting the 4-month program were increased energy, better sleep, stress reduction. Christina helped me to achieve these goals by teaching me simple steps to improve nutrition and reduce stress. The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program have been improved energy levels, less anxiety and a generally improved sense of well-being.

I looked forward to each meeting and came away each time with concrete next steps. I would recommend Christina to anyone who struggles with that 'always exhausted' feeling.

I would strongly suggest doing the four month program at a minimum. The first month is used to assess and collect data to design a plan specific to your health needs. The second month you use this information to implement and adjust your personal plan making necessary tweaks along the way. The third and fourth months digs deeper and solidifies all the steps to ensure that you can continue on your own with success. This is the point where all your steps become habits and the plan becomes a way of life.” - Phyllis C. 

“My main goal upon starting the program with Christina was to understanding my disease and how to navigate a life I didn’t recognize. Christina was able to help me work toward my goals by explaining clearly, in terms I could comprehend, how my body was affected and reacting to my disease. Christina helped me organize my diet, body and mind.

The biggest tangible changes I’ve noticed since beginning Christina’s coaching has been navigating this new life with a positive outlook and truly feeling joy and control.

My time working with Christina has been heaven sent. When first diagnosed, I felt lost and fearful. Christina helped me to organize my life in a way I was excited to be engaged in. I’m obsessed with the food plan we created and never focused on what I couldn’t eat but on what I could eat! She taught me how to batch cook and lots of other tricks along the way.

Christina gave me the support I needed as I entered these uncharted waters, which were full of sharks for me. She was able to prepare me for each monthly doctors visit then help me understand the information given to me. My weekly sessions with Christina were incredibly empowering. It was always important to her to check in on my mental state and guide me to a more positive place.

I would recommend Christina to anyone with or without disease, anyone that is looking for a happy, healthy and peaceful lifestyle! Christina is an angel, she is meant to be healing the world!” - Margaux

“It is so nice to have one place to turn to with all of my food and nutrition questions! It keeps me from searching the internet to try and find guidance. I feel so grateful to have Christina, and her vast experience and knowledge in my life – I look forward to years of good health! I have a much better understanding of how what I put in my body impacts me. I also know Christina is a lifelong partner in good health!” - Client

“There were so many ‘a-ha’ moments that she was a part of, just by being so open, genuine, and asking the right questions. I could just open my mouth and begin talking, and having her presence made me feel like I had a nurtured, sacred space where there was no ‘right’ answer….just talking through and discovering side by side. I could totally just BE. I think this is amazing, given we had never met in person-- Christina offers such presence through time and space to meet people exactly where they are, and without judgment. Christina was able to tease out the subject that was percolating beneath my surface in my subconscious. Having time each week to process my health- mental, physical, relational, spiritual- helped me understand myself on a new level. I would recommend working with Christina to anyone! Seriously.” - Chelsea K.

“For me, the most important thing I hoped to achieve was to no longer have sudden emergencies where I had to find a bathroom or else. Christina helped me find a way to that goal by starting with setting some progress goals along the way. My one month goals were pretty simple: 1) Develop greater awareness of what kinds of foods are beneficial for me, and as well identify foods that create problems. 2) Begin the process of experiencing less discomfort, particularly around loose stools/diarrhea. 3) Develop confidence to take on some short activities during (particularly) the problematic A.M. hours prior to daily bowel movements. 

A key factor for me has been the food and symptom journal. Putting quality time (it doesn't require a lot of time, just quality time) into responses gives me the best information to have the self-awareness to guide my own progress. Making our sessions about the "data" from the FMP journal, and less about my feelings or anxieties (and believe me, it would be easy to do that) has helped me make excellent progress and achieve my goals.” - Scott 

“My top goals upon starting the program were to improve digestion health, mood, and energy through diet and lifestyle adjustments. Christina was able to help me work toward these goals by giving me constant support through the good adjustments, and the challenges. She is a great member of my health 'team', and I always felt encouraged by our thought-provoking discussions. She helped me see how my health issues were as much of a shift in mental processes as well as diet & lifestyle.

The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program has been experiencing decreased digestive issues (!) and feeling far less stress about my digestion troubles! Learning to temper perfectionism and accept 'good enough' some days as a win, and really understanding how my perception can impact my overall health, both positively and negatively.

Christina is a fantastic coach, cheerleader, guide, understanding shoulder to share successes and struggles with, and great personality for this type of work. I thoroughly enjoyed (and miss!) our weekly chats. They were a very positive experience for me. I would recommend Christina to anyone struggling with gut health issues” - Jessica

“The love, care and support I have received from Christina has carried me through this life altering experience.” - Margaux

“My goals when starting the program were to minimize pain and not experience it every day, figure out what foods I can/cannot tolerate as well as just an overall good eating plan for me, let go of my fear and being able to travel more, eat out more, etc. and establish a good healthcare team that supports me fully but understands that I want to be in charge of my health.

The biggest tangible changes I have noticed since beginning the program have been that I physically feel so much better! A majority of my pain is gone and I have accomplished all of my goals! I have gained so much confidence and empowerment as it pertains to knowing my health and myself and being willing to take charge of that part of my life, regardless of what others tell me to do.

Working with Christina has been absolutely wonderful! Christina is such an intelligent, caring, compassionate, hardworking human being and she is dedicated to helping you feel better, in whatever manner that may come. She provides insight and information when necessary but she makes sure you are in control, getting what you want out of the program. She listens to you and helps you become the best version of yourself. I left every video chat feeling hopeful about my future health and well-being as well as feeling confident and empowered.” - Atty C.

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