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We hear a lot about “self-care,” not pouring from an empty cup, putting on your oxygen mask before others, right? We know the importance of taking care of ourselves (whether we are managing a chronic illness or not) but how do we actually make this happen in real life? What if the moment you wake up you have 5 people who need you immediately, a growing to-do list and a full email inbox? What are you options, cry and hide under the covers? Power through and end up a shell of a human come 5pm? Neither of those options sound ideal to me.

What if I told you there is a better way to care for yourself in the context of your life? One that does have to involve moving to a remote island with a personal chef and no responsibilities (because I swear there is!)

Soul Power For Women

I got so excited when I found my friend Kari’s program, Soul Power, because it felt like the missing piece. She’s created a unique program to address this issue of finding a way to care for yourself that fits into your full life. In Soul Power, Kari helps women create a deeper relationship with themselves. Her online video and audio courses help women start changing the way they think about themselves, but also how they navigate their life. Women start finding the freedom to create their life on their own terms. That, my friends, is powerful.

Soul Power is an online membership with a private, women-only community. Each year there are 4+ exclusive video courses, online meditations, live calls with Kari, and a private forum to ask all your questions. These courses are seriously life changing.

Kari helps you learn critical tools to:

1) Start putting yourself first

2) Learn to trust yourself fully

3) Find what nourishes yourself

4) Take action on living the healthiest life for you

5) Create an unbreakable relationship with yourself

Women are finding they can actually take action when they've been feeling stuck. They are waking up and realizing that self-care is more than just the current buzzword, and that it's rooted in the relationship with yourself. Kari is helping women transform their own lives, because this is what she did for her own.

I am so inspired by what I hear of the women participating in Soul Power, and because I know how much the relationship to myself has mattered in my journey, I knew I had to share this opportunity in case it’s the missing piece for you.

Soul Power enrollment is open from March 1-8. If this feels like the next step for you, listen to that intuition.

Watch the free, soulful self-care training with Kari below to get clear on what self-care actually is (it might be different than you think!) and tangible ways to care for yourself so when you get up in the morning it’s not panic and tears or inevitable burn out but calm, peace and a deep connection with yourself and what you need to thrive.

Soul Power

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