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How To Eat for Energy - Step 1

You know that 3pm crash? The one where you want to put your head down on your keyboard and mainline coffee and fiend for peanut butter cups? It’s not necessarily normal, and it doesn’t have to happen every day although it might be right now. I know because that used to be me.

I knew that what food I put into my body had an impact on how I felt in general, but I mostly focused on how to eat to maintain or lose weight rather than fuel my body. I had never known any other way. It wasn’t until I learned how to eat for energy and fuel that I finally turned things around.

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Demystifying Confusing Food Labels

Does going to the grocery store ever feel like a big, confusing quiz in label reading? Gluten free? Hormone free? Organic? Grass-fed? I was in the poultry and meat section over the weekend and my head was spinning. I was in that aisle for a solid 20 minutes trying to choose the best protein!

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Confession: I'm a Teeth Grinder

I'm a long-time teeth grinder, but thankfully I've found natural methods to overcome this painful habit, including a really effective breathing technique and my mineral superhero - Magnesium. Read on to learn my tips for natural relief from teeth grinding!

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