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Sautéed Kale Recipe [GF + AIP]

We always hear that we need to get more greens in our diets, but sometimes a spinach salad just doesn’t sound warm, nourishing or comforting.I love sautéing my greens with a little oil, garlic, salt and lemon as a side to any meal! It’s warming, delicious and easier on digestion if you can’t tolerate raw veggies as well.

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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #25 - Getting to the “root cause” of autoimmunity with Kara of Life Hub Center

Kara is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who utilizes systems biology and health coaching to help improve the health and lives of individuals suffering from autoimmune and chronic conditions. Diagnosed with Grave’s disease herself, she is passionate about helping people find real, sustainable health and tapping into their bodies own innate healing capacity. Join us as we speak about autoimmunity, functional medicine and the 5 dimensions of healing.

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Do Your Symptoms Feel Like A Big Mystery?

Do your symptoms feel like a big mystery? Your digestive issues and your aches and pains seem to stay constant no matter what you do. You feel like you’re doing everything “right” and can’t understand why your symptoms still persist. You can’t tell if cutting out gluten is actually helping you feel better or if it’s one of the many other interventions you’ve tried that’s making a difference. Read on to learn the #1 tool for better understanding the connection between what you put into your body and how you feel.

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