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Sautéed Kale Recipe [GF + AIP]

We always hear that we need to get more greens in our diets, but sometimes a spinach salad just doesn’t sound warm, nourishing or comforting.I love sautéing my greens with a little oil, garlic, salt and lemon as a side to any meal! It’s warming, delicious and easier on digestion if you can’t tolerate raw veggies as well.

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Peach Rosemary Drinking Vinegar Recipe

I tried my hand at making drinking vinegar last week and it was ahhhhmazing! Drinking vinegar (or shrubs) have been around for ages but are having a bit of a resurgence now. They're a combo of fruit, acid (vinegar) and a sweetener (honey). They are a great way to boost stomach acid production naturally, aid in digestion and make the best mocktails ever!

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