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Lizzie's Tasty Chicken Salad Wrap

Who has a "boring salad" for lunch when they want to be healthy? You pull it out of the work fridge and it looks all sad and wilty and your friends are heating up mac and cheese and and bringing back delicious looking pulled-pork sandwiches from the food truck seemingly without a care in the world and you start to seriously resent this stupid, healthy boring salad looking back at you.  Wanna know what I think about that? DEATH TO THE BORING SALAD. I'M DONE WITH IT. Eating healthy does not have to be sad and boring. You do not need to angrily chew carrot sticks and choke down iceberg lettuce. You do not need to sacrifice flavor and fun. You do not need to feel deprived. We need to flip the script on this one and what "healthy" food  looks like. 

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Celery Root Fries

If you're getting a little sick of the tried and true sweet potato fries and are looking to mix it up, these celery root (or celeriac) fries are perfect! When first transitioning to a whole foods diet or when we are super busy it can be really easy to get stuck in a rut and eat the same things over and over again.

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Easy Breakfast Casserole

If you're looking for a good, easy recipe that can feed the whole family this is perfect.  My family makes this every year on Christmas day and it's always a big hit. It's naturally gluten-free and dairy-free so it will work for those in the group with allergies and intolerances. 

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Roasted Root Vegetables

These roasted root veggies have become a staple of my diet. I make a batch every single week! I fry an egg to have on top of them for breakfast, have some alongside greens and turkey meatballs for a super satisfying lunch bowl, or simply just have some on their own with melted coconut oil on top.

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