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3 tips for supporting your body during busy days

Do you often feel stretched for time? Like you can never get on top of your to-do list or get a real grasp on your day?

I often hear from clients how their using coffee and sugar for afternoon pick-me-ups to combat their fatigue and crashes, even though they know it’s not supportive.

More recently, I’ve also been managing a busier schedule and I’ve discovered a few really easy, tangible ways to support my body so I can keep up with my to-do list without burning myself out.

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LIVE WELL PODCAST | EP #36 - Self-attacking thoughts and autoimmunity with Tara Mixon

Today on the Live Well podcast I’ll be talking with Tara Mixon about self-attacking thoughts and the effects on our bodies. Tara Mixon is a food freedom health coach. She believes we are dynamic and complicated beings, and our wellbeing arises from more than the right diet and culturally accepted body shape. That we need to shift the focus from food to who are we as eaters, to who we are beyond the body.  

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