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LIVE WELL PODCAST | Ep #22 - Caregiver Burnout When Caring For Others With Chronic Illness With Shonda Palmer

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Shonda is trained as a holistic wellness coach, meditation mentor and Qi Gong instructor. She helps caregivers who spend their life taking care of everybody else learn how to take care of themselves using mindfulness and self compassion practices. Shonda lives on a small farm in San Diego where she raises teenagers, llamas, and chickens with her husband of 26 years.


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 0:40 Introducing Shonda Palmer

  • 2:00 Shonda’s story as a mother caring for her family and daughter with chronic autoimmune disease (Crohn’s Disease)

    • “This isn’t going to help me help them”

    • “I’m holding everyone together”

  • 5:00 Shonda’s introduction to Mindful Self Compassion

  • 6:30 What is caregiver burnout? Aka Empathy Fatigue

    • “What will happen if I am not well?”

    • You’re giving out more than you are replenishing

  • 11:00 Where do you start once you realize you are burnt out?

  • 11:50 The 3 pillars of Mindful Self Compassion and how to practice it in the moment of struggle

    • Mindfulness: kind and curious attention to the suffering you are experiencing

    • Common Humanity: opening your heart and connecting those in the world that have felt the same pain that you are currently feeling

    • Kindness and Compassion: extending compassion to yourself in this moment. “It will be ok” or giving yourself a “kind wish”

  • 20:00 How these practice have changed Shonda’s life

    • Less reactive

    • Less overwhelmed

    • More energy

    • Showing up differently in the world

  • 25:05 Outro

You can find Shonda on Shonda Palmer Wellness and Instagram. Shonda hosts regular meditation challenges to start a practice or deepen your existing practice.

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